Monroe County Activities

Lemonade Day Monroe County

Steps to Success

1. Sign up for Lemonade Day

2. Open up Lemonopolis.

3. Participate in Lemonopolis activities and watch expert videos! 

4. Check your email for updates.

5. Put your stand on the map!

6. Set up your lemonade stand on Lemonade Day!

7. Share your results with us!

8. Enjoy your new status: Be The Boss!

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Entrepreneur of the Year Contest

Online Contest

Participate in this year's Entrepreneur of the Year Contest! After you have completed Lemonade Day, submit your business results and story to be entered into the contest. The winner in Monroe County will go on to compete for the National Entrepreneur of the Year award!

Celebration Carnival

Join us!

Join other young entrepreneurs and their mentors to share your story and celebrate your success at the Lemonade Day Celebration Carnival.  It will be an evening of games, prizes, food and fun!

Be sure to check back often on our Events page for more information on date and time.