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Lemonade Day - Weather Update

All Across Louisiana! , 5/2/20
9:00 AM

Hey Louisiana!

Just a friendly reminder from Lemmy to always stay safe when operating your Lemonade Stand!

If it's sunny during the time you plan on operating your Lemonade Stand, carry on! If you're watching the weather and it's not safe or too rainy for you to operate your stand, go ahead and start thinking about moving your stand either to a covered area or to Sunday (5/3). Also, don't forget, if your're partnering with a business to make sure you find out if it's ok for you to come at an adjusted time or on Sunday.

Part of being an entrepreneur is adjusting to the uncontrollable, so make sure to check your local weather and plan accordingly.

Squeeze ya later!

Lemonade Day 2020

All Across Louisiana! , 5/2/20
10:00 AM

Join us for Lemonade Day Louisiana on Saturday, May 2, 2019! We look forward to seeing you and your stand on Lemonade Day!

Young entrepreneurs all over Louisiana will be opening their lemonade stand businesses. If you are not running a stand or mentoring a youth participant, be sure to buy a glass of lemonade! As you prepare for the lemon season check out our Facebook and Instagram for inspiration!