Bryan/College Station Events

CANCELLED: Profit Share & Registration Event at Grand Station

Grand Station Entertainment , 3/28/20
10:00 PM

Grand Station is hosting a profit-share to benefit Lemonade Day BCS this March 28th.


You will be able to register for Lemonade Day 2020 and get to know our City Directors - both small business owners themselves!


Come eat & play to benefit Lemonade Day BCS. Grab your backpack and business plan workbook and get started on your first entrepreneurial journey.

Lemonade Day Best Tasting Contest Winners

CANCELLED: Best Tasting Contest

2:30 PM

Do you have the best lemonade in town? It's time to put your recipe to the test!

We will take 12 2-man stands to compete in this fun competition at Grand Station Entertainment on Saturday, April 25. We'll have celebrity judges and tons of fun!

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Camden's Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Day 2020 - 10th Year Anniversary

10:00 AM

Lemonade Day 2020 will be held for the 10th year in the BCS area this October 1-4. Lemonade Day BCS is transitioning to the NEW Lemonade Day My Way model, which will allow kids to learn how to run an online business.

Lots of resources will be available, including a Facebook group for families and parents to learn from other local entrepreneurs about building a business!

We are very excited for the new opportunities that this brings us, and we plan to make the absolute best out of our 10th Anniversary!



If you have any questions or need help for Lemonade Day 2020, email