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Lemonade Day Brooklyn Briefing


On Thursday, February 13, we held a briefing at Gallup’s New York City offices to launch the 2020 Lemonade Day Brooklyn season and introduce our program and youth entrepreneur movement. The room was filled with leaders of youth groups, school district officials, college and university professors, and other community leaders who recognize the importance, now more than ever, of teaching life skills and entrepreneurial aspirations to our youth today.

Lemonade Day Brooklyn has such a great foundation that has been laid through the Central Brooklyn Economic Development Corporation. I’m pleased to report that 90 kids are already registered to participate in Lemonade Day Brooklyn this year. And the good news is there is still time to register for Brooklyn and hopefully other programs throughout the five boroughs.

What impressed me most? Engagement was high. The participants were energetic and very interested in learning about how they could be part of the Lemonade Day movement.


Early Intervention Leads to Impact


The key takeaways? There was a big desire from everyone to execute the Lemonade Day program. Timing for this kickoff event was perfect and upon learning more, the support was evident from the attendees’ contributions to the conversations and interest in receiving more information. We will be following up with everyone.

I’m so thankful for our partnership with Gallup and appreciate Joe Daly for his facts and figures on how youth entrepreneurship programs like Lemonade Day develop the leaders of tomorrow who, in turn, create strong economic development within their communities.


Joe Daly

Joe Daly - Senior Partner at Gallup


How Many Blue Chip Builders Are There?


I am also grateful to our other speakers who provided key concepts and led lively discussions. Thank you, Amanda Kathryn Roman from Conscious Capitalism, and Lemonade Day leaders Bryan Guadagno and Vali Monreal for your unwavering support and involvement.

Kimberly Jean-Pierre, New York State Assemblywomen for District 11 (within Suffolk County) shared a video message of support and endorsement that was well received. We even had a representative from the office of Carl Heastie, New York State Assembly Speaker who made a point of telling us that the Lemonade Day program has the speaker’s support.


Lemonade Day NYC Kickoff


While in New York, I also reconnected with Richard Carranza. While he was the Superintendent of the Houston Independent School District, he was a great champion for the Lemonade Day program. He is currently the New York City Schools Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education. It was a great meeting and he looks forward to bringing Lemonade Day to the school programs.


Richard Carranza

From (l) Steven Gordon - President Lemonade Day (r) Richard Carranza - New York City Schools Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education.


Next up? I’m traveling to Washington, DC for an entrepreneurial education briefing sponsored by New York Congresswomen Grace Meng of the 6th District in Queens. Lemonade Day alum, Mikaila Ulmer of Me & the Bees Lemonade will join me as the only youth speaker on the panel. It will be an interactive discussion on supporting the development of 21st-century youth through programs and public policy. Meng is another champion for developing entrepreneurial aspirations. She introduced the 21st Century Entrepreneurship Act in late 2019 which has already received much support. It is a bill that seeks to expand entrepreneurship programs in public schools (grades K–12), community colleges, libraries, and other community spaces to equip young people with the tools necessary to become the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators. More details about the event and to register can be found here.

It's a great time to be involved in youth entrepreneurship and Lemonade Day. Help us identify organizations, corporations and other business organizations (Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Corporations, etc., school districts, and other cities that want to become part of our movement. Raise your hand and get involved.

I welcome your comments and suggestions at any time. Please email me at

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