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As we begin a New Year and a new Lemonade Day Season, I would like to share some motivations and aspirations for youth entrepreneurs. In today’s blog, I will share some information from our recently released Youth Impact Study update as well as beliefs from successful entrepreneurs. For more than a decade, I have seen the powerful impact the Lemonade Day program has on youth as they develop into more successful students and business owners.  The life skills that they learn through Lemonade Day, especially through the experience of running a real-life business they personally created, will provide them with a solid foundation for a successful future as an adult.

Below are survey responses by parents, teachers and caring adults that mentor youth through the Lemonade Day program lessons.  The surveys from mentors show that they believe that the program has a significantly positive impact on participants’ skills, knowledge, self-perception and resourcefulness.


Mentor Survey


We are proud to work closely with the well-respected Gallup organization. Joe Daly, Gallup senior partner and Lemonade Day board member captures the essence of Lemonade Day’s impact. He states, “What’s really fascinating is that kids are born with tons of yeses and a lot of entrepreneurial energy from birth. But what is alarming, is that over a child’s educational career, that energy starts to diminish. Lemonade Day is an essential activity to keep that energy and spark alive.”

How does Lemonade Day keep the spark alive?  See below to learn what our youth have said. In our youth surveys, they are asked four key questions about what they learned from Lemonade Day.  From their responses, we have learned that participating youth are acquiring skills and confidence that are contributing greatly to their desire to continue their entrepreneurial journey.


Impact Study Quotes


I plan to start my own business - Lemonade Day students show strong ambition and motivation to start their own entrepreneurial ventures once the program has concluded. Over two-thirds of Lemonade Day students would agree or strongly agree that they intend to start their own business in the future.

I will invent something that changes the world - Lemonade Day encourages the belief that students will be able to change the world for the better. Based on our survey, 57% of students agreed or strongly agreed that they can create something that would change the world. Lemonade Day encourages self-agency and empowerment, and this is visible in the responses seen here.

I can find lots of ways around any problem - 70% of Lemonade Day respondents agreed or strong agreement that they could navigate their way through their problems in multiple ways.

Do you run your own business now? - Our survey illustrates that Lemonade Day participants are applying the skills they learn through the program toward managing their businesses outside of Lemonade Day. 28% of students said that they were running their business.


In 2020, our youth entrepreneurs experienced the same challenges that other business owners faced. The pandemic altered every business owner’s model, yet the crisis inspired creativity and how to overcome obstacles. We heard the word “pivot” quite a bit and our kids pivoted utilizing the assets in a newly created program called “Lemonade Day My Way.” They learned that adversity is to be expected at times and they learned what other successful entrepreneurs know:

  • I am smart, creative and savvy about business
  • Entrepreneurship fuels my joy and energy
  • Challenges and failure are teaching moments and make me a better entrepreneur
  • I have fun being an entrepreneur. Everyone should.


We are incredibly excited to take our budding business owners into 2021 with even more assets and a new digital app called My Lemonade Day. Please refer to your city’s Lemonade Day website for registration to open.  Let’s keep that entrepreneurial energy ignited!

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