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You already know I love Lemonade Day. Why else would I wear a bright, yellow blazer?! Today I want to share a wonderful video from the late Peter Benson who was the second president of Search Institute – an organization that bridges research and practice to help young people be and become their best selves through the “nutrients” of the 40 Developmental Assets. Search Institute is founded on the vision that all young people would have what they need to thrive. Unfortunately, we lost our great friend and advocate in 2011 but his brilliant mind and leadership helped further advance the Institute’s vision and mission and he was a great champion for Lemonade Day.

I blogged about the 40 Developmental Assets on August 6. The Lemonade Day program is grounded in the Assets and we truly enjoyed our partnership with Peter and his team to help Lemonade Day grow and further our mission to help children thrive.

Before he passed away, Peter graciously created a video about why he “loves Lemonade Day”. Since I blogged last week about the benefits of having Lemonade Day in schools, I wanted to share Peter’s words with you given that many schools include the 40 Developmental Assets in their curriculum.

In the video, Peter mentions that he always looked for innovations and he felt that Lemonade Day is a brilliant idea that belongs in all American cities, connecting young people with adults and teaching developmental skills that will change the course of young people’s lives and in turn, their communities. Peter also shared that Lemonade Day encourages the “nutrients” for kids to flourish and see success in school, reduce or eliminate risky behavior, and thrive in an environment where young people truly believe they “can be somebody”. Please take the time to view Peter’s inspiring 5 ½ minute video. I promise you it will be well worth your time.

With Thanksgiving upon us, I know that Lemonade Day is grateful for Peter’s friendship and partnership. Today we honor his memory.

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