The Fondren Foundation Commits $200,000 to Lemonade Day for New Technology Initiatives to Expand National Youth Entrepreneurship Program Worldwide



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The Lemonade Day National team has been actively pursuing corporate sponsorships with organizations and foundations who align with our objectives and relate well with our desire to improve the lives of children. Today’s blog highlights one exciting joint venture Lemonade Day recently finalized.

The venerable Houston-based Fondren Foundation has awarded Lemonade Day, a national youth entrepreneurship program, with a $200,000 grant. This grant will support The Campaign to Ignite Tomorrow’s Leaders — a fundraising campaign that will help us launch next-generation technology designed to bring Lemonade Day’s lessons and experiences to more children around the world.

The Foundation’s mission has always supported higher and secondary education, social service and youth agencies, and cultural and health organizations. We are honored to be the grant recipient and privileged to be in the company of many great Houston institutions that have also benefited from The Fondren Foundation’s generosity.

The Fondren Foundation was created in 1948 by Ella Fondren, wife of oil tycoon and Humble Oil co-founder Walter Fondren, Sr. who started working at the age of 10 after his mother died. Walter’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive were evident at a young age, leading him to become an expert in oil production in his 20s. He was committed to helping equally driven young people achieve their business goals and improve the quality of life for themselves and others.

I want to give special thanks to one of our national board members, Doug Erwin, and our fundraising consultant, Ellen Cokinos, who were instrumental in introducing Lemonade Day leaders to The Fondren Foundation and assisting with the grant application process.

Stay tuned for news about the technology initiative mentioned in this blog as well as more partnership announcements in the works. These partnerships will assist Lemonade Day to increase exposure and awareness, acquire new supporters and Lemonade Day participants, and further legitimize the organization.

If you know of an organization that aligns with our values and cause, or a foundation that we should research, feel free to drop me a note at

As always, I welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.

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