Attention: Texas Kids and Adult Mentors, Gear Up to Exercise Your “Lemonade Stand Rights” When New “Lemonade Stand Law” Goes into Effect Sept. 1

By  Steven Gordon, Lemonade Day National President

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Many of you have been hearing about this for a while now, and the time is finally upon us when kids in Texas will be able to exercise their new Lemonade Stand Rights!

Starting September 1, Texas kids  who want to host a lemonade stand and experience the “sweet success” that comes from starting and operating their own business will have more freedom. Thanks to Texas Governor Greg Abbott and state legislators, the new “Lemonade Stand Law” ensures that young entrepreneurs can launch their lemonade business with fewer restrictions.

Fortunately, September 1 is right around the corner and falls this year on a Sunday during the Labor Day holiday weekend.   This means that the timing is perfect for young lemonade business owners  to make a statement! With support from a parent or guardian, they can show their appreciation for Lemonade Stand Freedom and exercise their right to earn money for themselves or a cause they care about!  Our Lemonade Day City Directors throughout Texas are encouraging kids to set up a lemonade stand in their neighborhood, local park, place of worship, shopping center, or any other location where potential buyers will be. Adult mentors can help kids and grandkids, young friends and neighbors to ensure that they have secured the proper permission in advance and follow guidelines that will pave the way for a positive lemonade sales experience.

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to provide testimony, along with several young Lemonade Day business owners, in support of this new law that was passed during the 86th Texas Legislative session and signed by Governor Abbott in June.  Texas Representative Matt Krause introduced HB 234, dubbed as the “Save Our Lemonade Stands Bill” and backed by Senator Jane Nelson.   

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We Have Work to Do for Kids and Mentors in Other States!

States such as Texas and Colorado made huge strides this year for kids wanting to set up lemonade stands with fewer barriers. More states tan not have strict regulations regarding permission for kids who want to set up a lemonade stand. Many of these  strict regulations center around health and safety. Some are related to “child labor” concerns.  Regardless of the reasons put forth by regulatory entities, the reality is that the more steps that are required for kids to get permission to set up a lemonade stand, the more these kids are likely to get discouraged and lose their appetite for starting their own small business.

I am on a personal crusade to help change that. I know I will be able to secure support from hundreds of other individuals, businesses, not profit organizations, and professional organizations who believe in the power of a lemonade stand to ignite entrepreneurial sparks that can entice a young person to start another business in the future.  I have a plan to create a “playbook” for state legislators who want to participate in the process of changing laws in favors of youth entrepreneurship.

I will keep you posted! 

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