2020 Will Be an Amazing Year. Here are My Top 5 Predictions



2020 Happy New Year


2020 is the gateway to a fresh decade. It’s also a Leap Year. Not only do we get an extra day to transform the lives of kids, I believe 2020 is going to be astounding. Here is what I predict:

  • Lemonade Day will have a breakthrough year as we launch a record number of new communities that host Lemonade Day;
  • Lemonade Day will achieve a record number of new K-5 schools, after school programs, home schoolers and youth partners that participate in the program as we meet with these groups and discuss the advantages of including Lemonade Day in their curriculum and or programs;
  • We will see the passage of the Congressional 21st Century Youth Entrepreneurship Act which will amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) to allow local and state educational agencies (grades K-12) to use federal funds for entrepreneurship programs, financial literacy programs, and leadership programs and amend the Perkins Career and Technical Education Act to allow the use of federal funds for entrepreneurship programs in career technical education initiatives at high schools, community colleges and public community spaces such as libraries;
  • We will celebrate the successful launch and pilot trial of our cutting-edge new app - My Lemonade Day; and
  • Increased collaboration and partnerships with interested mentor agencies and corporate sponsors who can provide direct support for youth entrepreneurs.


I am already experiencing the beginnings of a great year. Just this Saturday I was asked to participate at the K-12 College Entrepreneurship Connection in New Orleans. I, along with esteemed individuals from school districts and universities, organizations like Future Founders,  NIFTE and Venture Lab, and other institutes for entrepreneurship gathered for a giant entrepreneurial innovation session designed to create a social interest group (SIG). The SIG is the brainchild of Dr. Jim Friedman from Miami University’s Farmer School of Business/Altman Institute for Entrepreneurship who will serve in a leadership role as the participants continue the conversation. The goal and objectives for the SIG are not only keeping the K-12/college connection strong but also to build momentum for programs designed to help students in business/entrepreneurship programs in their K-12 classroom continue to create a deeper learning/understanding of entrepreneurship throughout their college experience and eventually with their own business.

I would like to hear your predictions, or even your wish list, for 2020 youth entrepreneurship. Let me hear from you.

I welcome your comments and suggestions at any time. Please email me at steven@LemonadeDay.org.

For more information about Lemonade Day, please visit lemonadeday.org.


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