2019 Lemonade Day National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year, Saanvi Vinod, Provides an Update as Today’s Guest Blogger



Saanvi Vinod

“I hope every kid like me gets to learn these lessons and more.”



We introduced you to Saanvi Vinod in late 2019 when she was named Lemonade Day National 2019 Youth Entrepreneur of the Year. This was just the launching pad for Saanvi’s entrepreneurial dreams. The pandemic hasn’t stopped her at all! She has been invited to attend many events including being the only young, female entrepreneur to set up her business at a Women’s Conference. She continues to take all the lessons she’s learned from Lemonade Day and apply them to her entrepreneurial journey, such as researching what people want and considering new products to add to her business. She also organized and conducted a youth entrepreneur summer camp in August 2020. We are so proud of Saanvi and we wanted to share this update from her.


In Saanvi’s Own Words

“Since winning the National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award, many opportunities have opened up for me. Numerous event organizers were interested in my healthy and tasty lemonade. They invited me to cater for many events. A lot of those events allowed me to meet fellow women entrepreneurs and hear their success stories. Through these events I was also able to donate to even more causes that I am very passionate about, and that makes me happy. I am pleased to report that I also expanded my business by creating handmade crafts.


Youth Entrepreneur Summer Camp

During the summer of 2020 with the pandemic still disrupting normal summer activities, I decided to create a summer camp for my friends because they would ask me lots of questions about running a business. I realized that I had gained so much knowledge on entrepreneurship through Lemonade Day and I wanted to spread my knowledge and share my experience with other aspiring kid entrepreneurs.

The biggest piece of advice I gave my campers was to be creative and unique. When I was running my lemonade stand something that really helped was coming up with a unique business strategy. I really stressed the fact to my campers that expressing themselves through their business is the best thing they can do.


What’s Next For Me?

I have many ideas on how to expand my business. I realized how much I love teaching and creating programs for kids. An idea I have been thinking about is creating more products with motivational messages to spread hope and joy during times like these.


My Takeaways from Lemonade Day

I am so grateful for Lemonade Day because I have learned so many lessons that I will keep with me forever. A big lesson that I learned through Lemonade Day is to always prepare and plan ahead. I follow this lesson not just in my business but also my everyday life. Preparing and planning makes you think clearer and helps you achieve your goals more efficiently.

Another big lesson Lemonade Day taught me was to give back to the community. I felt so joyful and proud when I was able to donate a portion of my earnings to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Giving back to others is a lesson that I will never forget!

I hope every kid like me gets to learn these lessons and more.


National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year_Saanvi


What It Means To Me to be an Entrepreneur?

Being  an  entrepreneur  and     running  a  business  is  such a  beautiful  thing. You  get  to  take  all  of  your innovative ideas  and  turn them  into  something  much  more.  Being  an entrepreneur  has  allowed  me     to learn  and  grow  in  the business world and as a person.


Why Vice President Kamala Harris Inspires Me?

For so many years the voices of women and girls were not heard. We were told we couldn't do this or couldn't do that, and now in 2021 the most powerful country in the world has elected a woman as its Vice President. This provides so much hope and opportunity for  girls.

There now is much diversity in our nation’s culture, too. I am an Indian American, so the fact that an African Indian American is our vice president is a huge thing! Kamala Harris inspires me to be fearless and to dream big. Her presence in the White House as the second in command is encouraging  and inspiring to girls all around the world to be whatever they want to be without fear.”


Thank you, Saanvi, for sharing these fantastic insights and experiences you are having since you registered for Lemonade Day. We love everything about you and everything you are doing. We have no doubt that you will continue to soar! Congratulations for everything you have earned and will earn going forward.

Lemonade Day cities are starting to open registration for the Lemonade Day 2021 season, so watch for updates on your Lemonade Day city webpage. Lemonade Day isn’t just one day…it’s more than just a lemonade stand. In our current virtual world, kids can choose from many options to learn Lemonade Day’s lessons and life skills and still have the experience of owning a business. The pandemic may continue to create challenges for in-person lemonade stands in some cities, but kids have the opportunity to choose the “In-Person Way” or “Virtual Way” presented in our Lemonade Day My Way program and show their creativity and resilience in the face of the challenges it has created.

We would love for you to join us at Lemonade Day and make a difference in a child’s life and the future of our country. Please feel free to share this blog with others and share my contact information, debbie@lemonadeday.org with anyone who would like to know how to help us provide our program to more children and youth or start Lemonade Day in a new city!

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