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Lemonade Day leaders attending the 2019 City Directors Conference last week in Houston celebrated the positive impact that Lemonade Day continues to have on youth and their communities over the past 12 months and discussed key initiatives for the coming year. A few weeks ago, I mentioned the Lemonade Day National staff was putting the final touches on our City Directors conference. I was hoping we’d dream up more possibilities for Lemonade Day. And dream we did! In a BIG way. I’ll save post-conference highlights for next week’s blog.

One of the highlights every year is our award presentations so for this week’s blog, I want to tell you about the award winners who were recognized at the conference.

National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year

Saanvi Vinod representing Louisville, Kentucky Lemonade Day

Saanvi Vinod

This is the second year fifth-grader Saanvi Vinod participated in Lemonade Day with her A Lemon A Day stand. She considered everything she learned last year from attending Lemonade University and the trials and tribulations of being a business owner. Then used that knowledge to develop her business plan and marketing strategy. Saanvi picked St. Jude Children Research Hospital’s skin cancer division to donate some of her profits. She picked St. Jude’s because the hospital provides free treatment to children to heal from childhood skin cancer.

First runner-up is Wichita Falls/Iowa Park, Texas third-grader Aleese Haile of LeeCee’s Pink Lemonade and second runner-up is 14-year-old Rebekkah Kuhn from Lubbock, Texas of R&A Lemonade. 

Read more about these talented kids here.

Other Awards:

President's Award: Jessie Jones, Northeast Ohio

Jessie Jones


Social Media Award: Natalia Subira and Tere Nolla, Puerto Rico 

Natalia Subira and Tere Nolla

Large-sized City Awards:

  • Most Registrations: Lemonade Day Houston
  • Most Business Results: Lemonade Day Houston
  • Most Stands on the Map: Lemonade Day Louisiana

Medium-sized City Awards

  • Most Registrations: Lemonade Day Lubbock
  • Most Business Results: Lemonade Day Northeast Ohio
  • Most Stands on the Map: Lemonade Day Southcoast, MA

Small-sized City Awards

  • Most Registrations: Lemonade Day Fort Hood Area
  • Most Business Results: Lemonade Day Northern Alberta
  • Most Stands on the Map: Lemonade Day Northern Alberta


I cannot thank these energetic and passionate City Directors for taking the Lemonade Day program and creating greatness and excitement in their respective cities. Congratulations to all of you. I look forward to what you’ll create for Lemonade Day 2020!

If you want to see some great photos from the conference and a quick video created from the conference, go to our Facebook page to see all the smiling phases and virtually feel the energy.

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